Graves : The origins of Bordeaux 

The terroir of Graves is the result of a long and complex history, closely linked to the birth of the Garonne River. Changes with the river’s  layout and route have occured due to successive glacial episodes that have occured in the Quaternary era.


The soils are made more or less of rock, both small pebbles and large gravels as well as a sandy mixture made of silt and clay. The soils of Graves generally lay on pure sand, clay and sometimes limestone. This region can be considered more or less like geological lace. Due to this lace like nature, the soils here have high permeability and slopes that favor drainage ensuring optimum control of the water supply to the vines.


You will find many larger pebbles on the surface of the soils in Grave. These help to absorb and redistribute heat to grape clusters thus contributing to ripening of the fruit.


The climate in Grave is representative of the Gironde River and is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. This climate is thus favorable to the vines for fully ripe grapes.



Our Red Graves is a sublime blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot: the 3 traditional grape varieties of Bordeaux Grands Crus.

The blend can change from year to year depending on the conditions of the vintage. Our red will always rely on an unchangeable base of at least 60% Merlot.

As Château de Lionne does not practice élevange in barrels, the aromas remain completely pure and fruit forward. Our reds do not have the typical oaky taste of Bordeaux. Our wines keep freshness from their fruits, and express to perfection the cool soil of the Graves.


L'Envolée, our 100% Merlot is sourced from the same plots as Graves Rouge and is also vinified wood free.

It is the pure expression of  Merlot: red & black fruit, violets, plums and subliminal notes of spice!

The White Graves from Château de Lionne is a blend of Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

It is a naturally rich (butter notes) wine due to its aging on lees.

Here the grapes express their aromatic complexity with elegance and purity.

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