In the heart of Graves just a few kilometers away from the Garonne, lies the municipality of Illats. It is here you will find the beautiful Château de Lionne.


It was in 2007, that Véronique Smati obtained the 37 hectare property. She provides the vineyard with the most attentive care in order to carry on its history and to respect the land she has been blessed with.

Véronique Smati and her quality team along with oenologist Grégory Dalla Lionga (taught by Denis Dubourdieu) are doing outstanding work to bottle the wonderful terroir of Graves AOP.

At Château de Lionne, we care about the environment and high-quality products therefore our vineyard management is conducted in a way to show the deepest respect for our terroir. We respect the quintessence of the grapes, our consumers and our beautiful terroir.

The wines of Château de Lionne are blended from several grape varieties.

Our red wines are the perfect expression of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot drawing  aromatic richness from the soil of Graves. Balanced, supple, fresh and fruity, the red wines of Château de Lionne are pleasurable drinking wines. Our reds are appreciated for their youth, but may also be enjoyed after a few years of aging.

Our white wine is made from Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. It is fruit forward with finesse and freshness. The white is both elegant and complex. There are aromas of citrus and white fruits, exotic notes blend with minerality that is typical of the soil of Graves. It is a real pleasure!


Graves appellation is not exclusively reserved for blends; and thus in 2014 Château de Lionne launched l’Envolée. A not so crazy idea to magnify this exceptional terroir through a wine made exclusively from Merlot. The success has been dazzling for this wine varietal, against the current of what we know Bordeaux to be. 

L`Envolée merlot perfectly captures the beauty of Graves terroir. With fruit forward freshness, and a bright ruby ​​red color, L’Envolée is perfect for any wine drinker.


Ch de Lionne Gamme

This wine presents with a beautiful ruby red color. There are immediate aromas of sweet black fruit and spice. The subtle tones of wood come through both on the bouquet and the palate. This fruit forward wine is well balanced with a full body and silky soft well integrated tannins. Meant to be enjoyed young this wine does have the potential to age for up to five years.

Château de Lionne White 2016 has a pale yellow color with an intense nose of white fruit and hints of citrus.  Peach and pear aromas are abundant. The mouthfeel of this wine can only be described as a beautiful equilibrium of minerality and light oak. The voluminous mouthfeel has a smooth silky finish, reminiscent of fresh brioche with hints of fruitiness.

This wine is a bright ruby color with purple highlights. It is immediately inviting with its subtle nose of both red and black fruits. This 100% merlot has smooth velvet tannins that are well balanced with the tones of spice and chocolate that perfectly complement the fruit flavors and aromas. This wine’s full body and long finish will leave you wanting more.  Our L’Envolee is a delightful flight of flavors for any merlot lover.

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