I would suggest traditional red meats such as duck, beef, or even game such as venison or wild boar, to pair with our Château de Lionne Red Graves.

The freshness and fruitiness of our blend is perfect with roasted camembert or even fresh cheese tartines as an appetizer.


I always advise people to have fun with their food and wine pairings, because at the end of the day a "good wine" is a wine that is drunk in good company! Sharing is the basis of every culinary delight.


❤︎❤︎❤︎ My coup de coeur ? A fresh salad with walnuts and Roquefort accompanied by zucchini in the oven. I am waiting for your feed back ;)

Ananas au barbecue
Huîtres façon bloody mary
Pâtes citron ricotta poulet

L'Envolée... a unique wine deserves unique food pairings!!

Sandwichs & waffles for appetizers. Home made vegetable chips, fresh cheese with figs and basil. A cheese platter with fruits and herbs accompanied by charcuterie... and why not a cream based pizza with spanish ham and nectarines ?

Just imagine and it will do, let your imagination take flight! 


❤︎❤︎❤︎ Mon coup de coeur ? A piece of dark chocolate and a glass of Envolée. This is my Sunday night pleasure before the start of the week.

Camembert rôti miel figues pistaches
Gratin de grosses pâtes garnies
Magret sauce fruits rouges

For white wine lovers, my suggestions for enjoying our White Graves naturally go to seafood. Whether fresh from the sea OYSTERS or grilled you cannot go wrong with this traditional match.

Fruits also match perfectly with this delicious wine! But... what about sour pastries ? Such as a lemon meringue pies, or pies with berries ?


❤︎❤︎❤︎ Mon coup de coeur ? I love to drink this wine with lemon pastas topped with ricotta, chicken and fresh garden herbs; followed by a pineapple on the grill! It is a true delight to share with good friends!

Plateau de fromage & charcuterie
Ribs au Barbecue
Poulet en papillote
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